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Bringing Learning Into Communities BLIC
Bringing Learning Into CommunitiesBLIC





I recently passed my B1 exam. I’m happy, because I was so worried about the exam. My English was quite weak. Then I found Bringing Learning into Communities in Boston next to the bus station.  I studied with CarolAnne. She helped me lot and gave me more confidence, as well as improving my English speaking and understanding the English Language. I believe this is why I have passed my B1 exam. 


I would like to thank BLIC and I would recommend BLIC to anyone who is looking for this kind of exam or to improve their English speaking and listening skills.


 Unity in the Community Event, Feedback:


The information about the different countries was very interesting, different foods was an education, as well as understanding different cultures and different people was very good on the day.


It was interesting to find out about other cultures and to try different food. It was lovely to meet and speak to different nationalities in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. 


Student and Volunteer, Inga:

I became a student of Bringing Learning into Communities to enhance my English speaking and writing skills. Following on from that I became a volunteer with BLIC. This has enabled me to learn in a more interactive way. I currently put data onto an EXCEL work book on a weekly basis.

I am currently learning an Introduction to Marketing and Advertising Course. This has been very good for my personal development and I’m looking forward to being able to use the skills that will benefit both myself and BLIC

I completed a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and I am currently supporting the delivery of training English alongside a BLIC Tutor.


Student and Volunteer, Jurgita:

I attended at BLIC as a Student. I am still a student and I now Volunteer for BLIC, inputting data on the data base.

I have been trained to do this role and enjoy the trust in me by my volunteer manager.

Through volunteering my English has improved. My self-esteem is being built around the tasks I am delegated. I am helping organise the Unity in the Community Event. I have been able to use my artistic talent. The environment is both enjoyable and interesting.


Volunteer Trainer, Kevin:

I attended English classes as a student in English classes at BLIC:

I attended for a month as a student. My current line manager encouraged me to apply to become a volunteer trainer for BLIC.

I was offered the TEFL course. Once this was completed I became a Volunteer Trainer. I have developed my English skills as well my personal development.

I really enjoy my volunteering with BLIC, I have a sense of achievement every time a student develops their English skills. I have engaged in additional training: Team Building, Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity.

I am currently training to be a Personal Assistant to support the Chief Executive Officer in her role.


Student and Volunteer, Sigita:

I started going to BLIC’s English lessons. In every lesson, I learned something new. I still need to learn a lot, but being a part of BLIC helped with my quality of life, living in another Country.

CarolAnne and Kevin offered me a voluntary position as an events manager. I used to work as an events manager in Lithuania, but when I came to the UK, I had to be just a woman. BLIC gave me the opportunity to volunteer in my specialised profession.

I don’t feel lonely anymore, I think BLIC is a door to the community for people like me. I have found a lot of new friends.

Thank you for having me as part of your team.





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